This is Different!


The energy of our connection is initiated once you start the booking process, continues during our live conversation and then extends into the future as you go forward. AMALFAS overshadows JENNA (works with her) as she prepares for your consultation.  They have conversations, exchange ideas and JENNA does detailed research using Tarot and other decks of cards. 

During the registration process, you are asked to answer seven questions and this information is considered during the preparation that JENNA and AMALFAS do together, for you. (This is why the appointment you make must allow one week’s time for preparation.) During your personal session, AMALFAS is also present, in the background. He may answer questions directly at that time. If a question emerges during the week following your consultation, AMALFAS may give further guidance via a text exchange.  Although a few decks are consulted, JENNA and AMALFAS draw initially from the Crowley/Harris Tarot Deck and the Angeles Arrien Tarot Handbook.  

JENNA and AMALFAS  look at  the past, present and future of your business to become aware of the energies as they change through time.  They then work with the four identifiable levels of energy, (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) always dynamically at play within you and within your business practices. This process could also be described, by some, as moving from the Third Dimension of Consciousness to the Fifth Dimension of Consciousness.